Irlanda súmase aos países que comezan a se adaptar ao cénit do petróleo

Segundo lemos no último número do boletín da asociación internacional ASPO:

Eamon Ryan, Ireland’s Minister of Energy, has outlined his Government’s response to Peak Oil. His statement opens with some perceptive comments:

Our future depends on becoming energy clever

We have always known that oil is a finite resource. It seems we only focus on a problem, however, when there is a looming crisis. We did this in the 1970s, when we changed our behaviour for a while. More recently, thankfully, we’re turning our heads to energy issues as we approach a peak and subsequent decline in the production of oil around the world.

Ireland is utterly dependent on imported fuel to power our daily lives. Geopolitical factors and geological facts will determine the price and supply of this fuel source. We cannot alter this reality and wishing will not make it so.

He goes on to outline the country’s policy with the following key measures:
1. Tap renewable energy, especially from wind and ocean, of which the country is well endowed;
2. Co-operate closely with the long-established Electricity Supply Board to secure a national solution;
3. Facilitate the sale of electricity from small scale producers of wind and other energy to the grid;
4. Install smart meters in every home to reduce wastage;
5. Provide tax incentives for improved commercial and household insulation and efficiency.

A que espera Galiza para seguir o exemplo de Irlanda, Escocia, Suecia, Dinamarca e tantos outros países? É dunha grande irresponsabilidade que neste país só se fale de AVE, AVE e máis AVE, de construír máis e máis estradas e das acusacións interpartidistas que toquen cada día.

Xa é hora de ollarmos alén da vindeira cita electoral e tomarmos medidas!!

Manuel Casal Lodeiro, Barakaldo (1970). Escritor, divulgador, activista, aprendiz de labrador y de padre.

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  1. Copiado do boletín de ASPO de xullo deste ano:

    The British Government has announced a remarkable new energy policy costing £160 billion, which is to be spent on increasing wind and solar energy, insulation and improved efficiency. It is dubbed a Green Revolution but in fact reflects belated recognition of Peak Oil.
    (…) the International Energy Agency, the OECD energy watchdog, is about to come clean on the subject, as mentioned above, suggesting that its member governments now seek an international umbrella under which to adopt new national policies.

    Así o Reino Unido tamén o podemos considerar no grupo de países que recoñecendo máis ou menos polo seu nome o asunto, poñen medidas máis ou menos acertadas en marcha.

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